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“After a hip injury, I found that physical therapy wasn't helping me enough. I still had pain and felt like my hips were from two different people! I then went to Sally Pillsbury. She determined I had various misalignments. Through massage and gentle manipulation I left my first session able to walk more smoothly and felt that my body was again one. I appreciate Sally's deep knowledge of anatomy along with her many years of experience.”

—K. Kerr, Lyons, CO, Jan 09, 2021


“I mentioned pain in my knee 30 minutes before heading to teach a mountain bike class. 20 minutes later Sally is in the parking lot taping me up, resulting in much less pain and 5 ensuing hours of riding and walking. Then after the follow up visit with targeted massage and movements followed by another round of taping, it's feeling so good, I'm now beginning to question my need to see the orthopedic. But at Sally's advice I'll verify there is nothing more extensive going on. Thanks so much!”

—J. Tucker, Lyons, CO, Nov 21, 2020


“Sally has really helped me with a difficult shoulder issue. Every time I visit her, I come away pain free. She has a lot of experience working with athletes, and can call on that vast experience to help you with what's ailing you.”

—C. Peterson, Boulder, CO, Oct 24, 2020


Photo courtesy of
Dave Albo

“There's one important person who has helped me achieve my dreams at the World Masters Athletics in Malaga: my long-time massage therapist and friend, Sally McJoynt Pillsbury. Thanks for keeping me healthy!!”

—Tracey Thayer Bernett, World Class Masters runner, entrepreneur and mom from Niwot, CO


“I am a strong believer in bodywork as a vital aspect of health and well-being. That said, there is a dramatic difference amongst massage therapists and the benefit they provide. Sally’s work is beyond exceptional. She has an ability to revitalize, energize, relax, de-kink, and align while improving function and suppleness of the muscles.”

—Leah Garcia, Former Pro Athlete, Author, and TV On Air spokesperson and commentator

Sally working on Optum Pro Woman's cycling team
Photo courtesy of Alex Chiu Photography


“Sally McJoynt Pillsbury is a leader in the field of therapeutic sports massage. What sets her apart is her ability to recognize and assist in the rehabilitation of sports related injuries in a personalized approach. Sally has a passion for her profession and upon meeting her, you will sense her caring and interest in giving you the best she has to offer.”

—Ceal Barry, Former Headcoach CU Women's Basketball


“Sally, Thanks for the magic fingers!”

—Pat Powers, Pro Beach Volleyball Player


“Sally helped me maintain my work schedule and reduced my pain [from a whiplash injury], making full recovery a reality.”

—Rick Reynolds, Owner, Colorado Healing Arts Products, Boulder, CO

Angela Knopf
Photo courtesy of Bob Blackburn


“Sally is wonderful!! I was about to play in the finals of a volleyball tournament. She was able to tape me so I could play and actually, I won the event! Then she gave me a fantastic massage on my shoulder too. I highly recommend Sally for your muscles. They will thank you!”

—Angela Knopf, pro beach volleyball player, AVP Pro Tour, CSU, 2016 winner of the King of the Mountain Volleyball, Vail, CO


“I am amazed how great my neck felt after just one session of deep tissue massage and CranioSacral therapy. I slept better and feel great! Thank you, Sally.”

—Connie Chiddister, Business Owner/Mgr, Boulder, CO


“Pure Heaven for me! No one else will do.”

—Karen Meyers, Boulder, CO

Nada Diachenko
Photo courtesy of Nada Diachenko


“Sally’s weekly massages made all the difference. I was back to normal [from a herniated disk problem], with full function in my foot and leg within one year without surgery.”

—Carol Cleland, CU Professor/Dancer, Boulder, CO


“I have been working with Sally for almost 25 years, As a muscular therapist and Alexander teacher I am very knowledgeable about the body and recovering from injuries. I have many old injuries from a 50 year dance career and Sally can work effectively and intelligently to gradually work at the appropriate depth to release the muscles, tendons and fascia tension and scar tissue. She can also give a more general massage if that is what her client needs that moves energy/ calms the nervous system.”

—Nada Diachenko, CU Professor of Dance/Choreography/Somatics/Cert. Alexander Teacher, Boulder, CO.



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